Mason Mattox

Hi, my name is Mason C. Mattox and this will be my fifth year at Christ Covenant School as an official Spartan, and my first year as an official Pitt Bulldog!  


After Christ Covenant, I am considering plans to pursue a Major in Political Science, and a Minor in Journalism. I would love a career in justice, politics, or writing, all of which I find to be very similar.


I work with the Pitt County Teen Court and Ronald McDonald House whenever I can, and as always, I enjoy writing for them. Most of the time you can find me golfing with friends, swimming, biking, (attempting) to learn the ukulele, fascinated by a good nonfiction book…and, you guessed it, writing!  


I first started writing due to the efforts of Mrs. Lisa Stroud, when she asked me to enter a short story that I wrote into a DAR contest around four years ago. Last year, I served on the school’s yearbook staff, and found a true calling in the world of journalism.  


I have dreams of making a lasting impact on the world around me, with my mission being to live in each moment, seek the good, and hopefully, record it for the joy of others. Although, finding my own version of immortality with my name printed across a best-seller somewhere wouldn’t be bad either!  


When I joined the Spartan Standard’s online staff, I quickly noticed that this would be an opportunity to allow more people to be heard while having fun doing so. I believe that when a good story comes around, it won’t go unnoticed, and I appreciate the chances that we the staff members have to capture and captivate those stories, and transform them into beautiful memories for all. I am looking forward to finding a good story in all of you this year!  

Mason in Summer