A Three-Minute Drive

By guest columnist and alumnus Alan Cox

    Transitions are always an interesting time in one’s life, particularly the transition from highschool to college which can be stressful anddifficult. Luckily for me, the transition has been relatively smooth and enjoyable!


It’s been a year and a half since I graduated high school from Christ Covenant School. Most of you know me, but for those of you who don’t, I had the privilege of attending CCS for 7 years and graduated last year with the first ever senior class! I also had the amazing job of leading the worship team for the last several years.


My summer was really busy; I had the chance to travel to California to compete in the Assemblies of God National Fine Arts Tournament and played weekly concerts with my fellow CCS alumna Hannah Morgan at the Famiglia restaurant in Greenville. It was so much fun!


Jumping into college life was relatively easy for me. My intended major is a degree in Music and Worship with a cognate in Business, eventually from Liberty University. I started my year with several basic courses like History, Public Speaking, Music Appreciation, and Physics (which, by the way, is very hard). I also had the chance to take Business Law, which was one of the best decisions I’ve made as far as school is concerned. That opened the door for me to take several more business classes this semester like Accounting and Marketing.


I applied to several colleges and universities, but eventually decided, after a lot of prayer, that I’d finish my general college requirements at Pitt Community College (PCC) before eventually transferring to another university to complete my degree. The class size at Pitt is comparable to that of CCS, meaning a little more close interaction with professors than you’d typically see at a large university.


One of the reasons I chose PCC over other universities—besides it being conveniently three minutes away from my house—is that it’s a lot cheaper than other centers of higher learning, but with many of the same classes with the same basic instruction. This is favorable to me in the long run because I’ll leave PCC to transfer to another college with little to no debt while still being able to say I learned a lot and fulfilled all my requirements.


I encourage this option to any of you still on the fence about where to go or if you’re struggling with the thought of moving away to college. PCC may not give you the social life or party scene of a major university but hey, that’s what East Carolina University is for, right?


Anyways, even though I’m the only one out of the sixteen graduates to have intentions to stay in Greenville, and while I may not be having the traditional college experience, I’m happy. I’ve grown closer to my friends still here in Greenville and have learned and experienced a lot at PCC that is positive to my overall college experience. I want to wish everyone good luck for the rest of their middle, high school, and college stages of life. I miss you all at CCS and hope that you all grow in God and follow the dreams He has for your life!

Christ Covenant School alumnus Alan Cox is pictured at Assemblies of God National Fine Arts Festival in Anaheim, Calif. in August of 2017.