Upper School Spirit Week a Success

By the Standard editors

January 9-12 marked Spirit Week for Christ Covenant School. Due to the first snow of the year, Monday (Casual vs. Formal Day) was excluded from the Spirit Week schedule. However, the students still enjoyed Teacher Day, Wacky Tacky Day, Decade Day, and Spirit Day.


Tuesday brought a great deal of laughter in the minutes before first period. Infinity scarves, Coke bottles, and gym whistles accompanied many of the students in to class to represent a teacher. Look-alikes of upper school math teacher Evan Beyer were the most prevalent, donning loose curls or tight buns, cardigans, and the iconic infinity scarf.


Wednesday brought insane updos, ponchos with strange prints, and lots of crazy, mismatching socks together to make a live pool of vibrant color in the hall. Every day, each class sent their best-dressed student to be judged by the Prefect Council; the top three students would win points for their class. Wacky Tacky Day was, by far, the hardest day to evaluate for the Prefect Council.


On Thursday, the school held a pep rally in a middle school match against Ridgecroft. Students of all grades came to sit in the stands, their grades identifiable by their Decade Day dress, and cheer for their friends and classmates. Decade Day brought back attire from the 1860s and continued all the way to the predicted clothing of 3000.


The final theme may not be the most participated or favorite day of Spirit week, but it is the most representative of the school: Spirit Day. On Friday, students wore their favorite CCS t-shirts. A few kids dressed as Spartans, complete with capes and helmets. Several students joined in chanting the Spartan chant in the hall to raise excitement:

          One: we are the Spartans

          Two: a little bit louder

         Three: I still can’t hear ya

         Four: more, more, more


All in all, the students enjoyed taking a break from the dress code and showing their individual and class spirit at school. The week concluded with a tie for first place between the 9th and 12th grades, 11th in second place, and 10th in third.