The Art of Gymnasium

By Maddie Singleton

Electives like art, music, and journalism often steal the spotlight with their productions of plays, props, and yearbooks, but one elective allows students to help out around school, experience and learn new sports, enjoy documentaries, and help build structures for their fellow students’ leisure during lunch and afterschool.


“We take out all the trash and we clean stuff sometimes and we’ll build things like soccer goals or four square pits or greenhouses and we watch series about health and stuff like that,” tenth grader Amanda Spear said.


“I enjoyed learning how to play the sports because I’ve only swum like my whole life,” tenth grader Margaret Webster said.


It also allows students to take a break from assignments. “I’m in chemistry this year and I need a lighter load so I’m in gym because it doesn’t have homework,” said Webster.


But the gymnasium students don’t just take out the trash. The class helps behind the scenes with projects that other students are often completely unaware of. “We did the AC upstairs we had to unscrew everything and put new filters in,” said Webster.


One of their newest undertakings is the construction of a foursquare pit. Foursquare is one of our students’ favorite lunchtime games. But there’s a problem. “There are always so many kids outside playing foursquare and they’re like where everyone is walking through and it causes a lot of traffic so it’d be easier if it was like out in the grass not where everyone is walking,” Spear said.


These crowds of foursquare onlookers and players block the main entrance of the building daily during lunch and after school. A foursquare pit would not only be enjoyed by foursquare fans, but students and staff walking to their cars or the soccer field.


Another project they hope to embark on in the future is a gaga ball pit. Gaga ball is a game similar to dodgeball but of Jewish origin, enjoyed by students at various summer camps. Because of its simplistic rules it sure to become a lunchtime favorite much like foursquare, which will create more options for students and less time waiting in lines.


“I really believe it would be great if we had a gaga ball pit at Christ Covenant. The kids would really enjoy that and it would get us all active,” Spear said.


Tenth grader Milan Minto suggested a trail through the woods which would give students a chance to leave the four walls of the classroom, which is the very reason Minto chose gym in the first place. “I like to clean up and like work outside instead of being in a classroom all the time,” said Minto. “It’s fun and you can stay more active.”


Ninth grader Nate Furlough wants the class to supply a basketball goal since the school doesn’t have a gym. But in order to accomplish their goals, they need one thing. “We need more help so we can do more stuff and building projects would be easier,” said Spear.