Dodgeball surprises House members, teams

By guest columnist Abby Hamilton

     “Are…you…READY?” upper school teacher and director of House operations Will Chancellor shouts into the megaphone. The students are definitely ready: each member of Abraham, David, Moses, and Paul are on the edge of their seat.


For over four years now, the student body has had the privilege of being sorted into one of the Houses. One of the most-loved annual House challenges is the dodgeball tournament. “I was excited and kind of nervous,” member of the House of Paul and seventh grader Ella Hepp said. For many students like Hepp, House challenges were a new experience.

Duck! Member of the house of Abraham and eighth grader Zoey DeSpain crouches to avoid an oncoming ball.

After the game, the final scores were Moses in fourth place, Paul in third, Abraham in second, and David in first. “My first thought was ‘Finally, I’m on a winning team!’” member of the House of David and seventh grader Reagan Carson said.


The tournament was fierce and students enjoyed the game with cheers and shouting despite their current position on the scoreboard.


“It was so loud and very hectic. There was this one game where all of us got out except [twelfth grader] Esther [Odeke] and she got the three opponents out. After that, it was great to advance to the championship game aganinst Abraham,” member of the house of Abraham and twelfth grader Trent Barton said.


David celebrated their first victory of the season—and a big one at that, because Paul has won  the dodgeball tournament in years past—by jumping and cheering ecstatically.

Wind Up Member of the house of David Mackenzie Faulk and tenth grader prepares to hurl her dodgeball at the opponent.


All in all, the first House challenge was extremely fun yet very surprising for some members who predicted the outcome. Although the four Houses compete against each other in these House challenges, they all are unified in standing for their school: CCS.