Grandparents spend time with students at Fall Fest

By Maddie Singleton

     The bass chuckles and quiet smiles of grandparents fill the lower school as the smell of baked goods and mums wafts through the building. It’sGrandparents Day, one of our oldest traditions. This is a day for grandparents to visit the school, enjoy some food, and squeeze into the sanctuary to watch their grandchildren perform songs and skits before driving to the upper school campus for our youngest tradition: Fall Fest.

At the lower school, fifth graders sing the Elements Song for grandparents before Fall Fest. Photo taken by Maddie Singleton.

While grandparents enjoyed their breakfast and the students’ performance, junior and senior students were preparing the upper school campus for their arrival. “It was so cool. I’ve never seen another school fundraise in this way. It was really neat to see the juniors and seniors coming together to be volunteers and setting up early in the morning,” twelfth grader Laney Rivera said, who is in her first year at CCS.


“This morning we spent about two hours setting up, and that was a ball. Then the little kids started coming around eleven with their grandparents. Mainly, they went inside to eat first. Then they all came outside and it was like a rush of children. Then it kinda didn’t stop. It’s been a crazy day, but it’s been good,” twelfth grader Hazel Smartnick said.


As the students rushed from the building, they were greeted by the sight of booths with games and tents that covered the field and parking lot. “There was a lot of variety. Most of them were fun. And you get really good prizes,” seventh grader Davis Barton said.


Many students were excited by events such as the mile race. “The one-mile was pretty fun…I beat my time by a lot. I think almost two minutes. I was pretty happy with that,” seventh grader J.T. Lee said. Lee and tenth grader Taylor Hines enjoyed the hot dogs, ninth grader Cierra Mitchell enjoyed the football toss, and eighth grader Abbie Keesler enjoyed the cake walk. “I actually won twice,” Keesler said.


Other students have plans for volunteering next year. “I would want to do face paint next year,” Hines said. “I definitely want to do this again,” eleventh grader Hannah Smith said.

Grandparents laugh while watching grandchildren perform. Photo taken by Maddie Singleton.

“Fall Fest was festive. It was insane. There were a lot of kids screaming. Definitely think it was more hype than last year,” twelfth grader Sage Pitman said. And hopefully, next year’s will continue to build on the event’s momentum.


Fall Fest has potential to become a strong tradition like Grandparents Day and last for years to come. Here’s hoping next year’s Fall Fest will be such a hit.


Lower School Grandparents Day Promotional Video: