The Next Page in the Chapter

By Maddie Singleton

     On Tuesday, October 3rd, the Christ Covenant School Chapter of the National Honor Society welcomed nine new inductees: tenth graders Natalie Draper, Mackenzie Faulk, Laura Stroud, and Mason Verhaeghe and eleventh graders Caleb Anderson, Mason Gregory, Kyle Griffin, Jackson Packard, and Hannah Smith. A member from both the tenth and eleventh grades will soon be elected and serve as the executive committee members this year. They will represent their classmates in NHS meetings.

Smile Ladies and Gentleman: Tenth graders Mason Verhaeghe, Mackenzie Faulk, Laura Stroud, and Natalie Draper pose before going to sit with their parents in the audience. Photo taken by Lisa Stroud.

These new inductees look forward to representing the school and being held to the NHS’s standards of excellence. “I feel like being in the National Honor Society recognizes my academic and extracurricular achievements. I feel like being in the NHS I am held to a higher standard, and I like that aspect of the NHS,” Griffin said.


Laura Stroud agreed: “I’m excited to be a part of the student body that is held to a higher standard and gets to represent our school,” Stroud said.


They also look forward to the various service projects the NHS will be working together on throughout the year. One project in particular that the members look forward to is the Special Olympics hosted by J.H. Rose high school. The Special Olympics is an annual event in Greenville in which disabled children and adults participate in a variety of athletic challenges including races and obstacle courses.

There’s a Pretty Picture: Parents Randy and Hoornaz Draper and Becky Griffin smile lovingly as they take pictures of their newly inducted children. Photo taken by Sage Pitman.

“I joined because I really want to be able to help out in service projects representing our school and I really want to be in Special Olympics if it’s possible…or just something with special needs kids,” Faulk said.


New inductees were also excited about the Chicken Dinner fundraiser at which NHS members and parent volunteers help pack dinners and deliver them to people’s cars.


“I am looking forward to working in the Chicken Dinner service project and hopefully the Special Olympics,” Griffin said.


The new inductees were selected due to their aptitude for scholarship, service, leadership, and character; these nine seem particularly excited to bring their enthusiasm about service to the table. Through their positive attitude about service, these new members are already demonstrating the values of the National Honor Society for younger students.

Executing Tradition: The 2017-18 NHS gathers for the traditional silly picture. Photo taken by Lisa Stroud.