Student Spotlight: Reagan Hollenbaugh and Lauren Morace

By guest columnist Abby Hamilton

     After seven weeks of school, two seventh grade athletes Reagan Hollenbaugh and Lauren Morace have worked very hard to excel in sports both at and outside of Christ Covenant School. Morace has participated in Christ Covenant School sports for two years while Hollenbaugh is in her first season of Spartan sports.


“I like CCS sports because the teams are supportive, like really supportive, like even if you are terrible,” Hollenbaugh said. Morace participates in swim and track outside of school, and also plans to join the school’s swim, basketball, and soccer teams. Ranking high in cross country, track, softball, bowling, and basketball, Hollenbaugh runs cross country at school and also participates in track, softball, bowling, and basketball for other teams.


Currently, all school athletes play as the Spartans, but the girls have some interesting ideas on alternative names for their own teams: “I would call [the CCS swim team] the Dolphins. I don’t know why, but it just sounds cute!” Morace said. Hollenbaugh would call the cross country team “the Lightning Bolts, because we are super fast like lightning.”


Both of the girls were quick to answer which was their favorite sport. Morace chose swim as her favorite sport. “Swimming is a really fun sport,” she said, “You get to wake up super early, go swim everyday. It is awesome!” Hollenbaugh is on the school varsity cross country team, which is a huge honor for her age group. “I chose cross country because I have been doing it forever,” Hollenbaugh said jokingly.


The athletes both admire their teammates for their humor. “Everyone at swim is super funny,” Morace said. The funniest member on the cross country team, according to Hollenbaugh, is “definitely [eighth grader] Zoe [Despain] because she understands my humor and she is sarcastic in a good way.”


Although these girls commonly have similar opinions, they disagree on two things. The first conflict was choosing the best sport. While Hollenbaugh’s favorite sport is cross country, Morace believes swim is the best sport there is: “Even though I play other sports…swim is still my favorite and it is the best!” Morace claimed.


Their second disagreement rose while discussing the school House system. Hollenbaugh is in the House of Abraham and Morace is in the House of Paul. The girls’ competitive nature played into their answers: “Paul is absolutely going to win!” Morace said with confidence. When Hollenbaugh heard that competitive sports games are involved in House competitions, she became more confident about competing for her House. “Now I’m excited!”


Of course these girls are a lot of fun because they both are very charismatic in the school and on their teams. Morace and Hollenbaugh are two very talented girls. If you ever see them in the hall, say hi! You will definitely make some new friends.