Kicking Off the Weekend in Style

By Mason Mattox

     Students are enjoying the privilege of being able to wear something different on Fridays this year: blue jeans and school t-shirts. Although the installment of Casual Fridays is a small change, the extra privileges are certainly causing much excitement at the upper school. When asked for their thought on the relaxed dress code, most students agreed that it is liberating; it allows them to express originality in style and be comfortable in a sometimes stressful environment.


Ninth grader Regina Lopez took Casual Fridays to the next level by propping her feet up to show off her denim style. “Jeans are more comfortable than school pants!” Lopez said while reading between classes. This is certainly an opinion with which most students would agree.


“I like how we now have the opportunity to stray away from the normal dress code on a weekly basis,” twelfth grader Gracie Ziegelmann said. Normal dress code is just that: normal. In addition to Christ Covenant School, most of Pitt County is getting rid of the normal in favor of the valuable tool of self expression. “I like it, it’s like freedom,” seventh grader Hannabell Heath said.


Twelfth grader Laney Rivera’s favorite part of Casual Fridays is definitely the blue jeans and jean jackets. “Where did you get this sweet denim?” Rivera asked eleventh grader Hannah Smith while clinging to the leg of her jeans in the hallway.


The new dress code is changing the way students view themselves and their peers in the school. Dressing down allows students to be more at ease. Tenth grader Taylor Hines said that Casual Fridays are “a step closer to freedom.” Similarly, seventh grader Trinity Holler “loves the freedom” that comes with wearing blue jeans down the halls of Christ Covenant’s upper school.